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Experience CFD trading at its Best. 


Faraz is an esteemed force in the world of finance. We offer a variety of financial services in the brokerage sector. Our dedication lies in delivering quality and groundbreaking solutions that make a difference. 


We set the pace,
we innovate 

We cater to the needs of the contemporary trader with the guidance of our seasoned professionals. 


Staying proactive to remain at
the forefront

We stay alert to market changes. We offer full transparency for judicious decision making. 


Forward thinkers with full commitment

We have our clients' best interests in mind. Our commitment to you is of vital importance. 


Offering transparency
and trust

Our goal is to help you navigate into the everchanging trading environment.

Our Services

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Our Mission

Faraz was established with a clear purpose; to address the needs of modern traders by providing them with the latest technology and full-scale support.

Our Clients 

We support clients from all over the globe. No matter your geographical location, you can still access our trading platform and exclusive market news to step up in your trading.  

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